Yaga Festival


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Yaga Gathering
Spenglos hidrografinis , Draustinis
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Yaga Gathering is an international arts and lifestyle festival taking place in a rural lakeside location in Varena district in Lithuania.[1] The festival is known for its pagan, new-age oriented international crowd,[2] esoteric teachings, abundant decorations and a complete absence of brands or advertisements. The festival is solely supported by ticket sales.

The event usually hosts two musical stages, crafts’ and healing areas, art exhibitions, kindergarten, shamanic sweatlodge. Musical stages are dedicated to live bands, psychedelic trance and other dance and chill-out electronic music. Handicraft and healing areas host workshops and lectures on traditional crafts, holistic medicine, Yoga and other wellness activities. Particular attention is given to the design of the area, innovative visual installations and land art. Most of the festival infrastructure is built using biodegradable materials. Participating artists traditionally come from more than 20 countries.