Hi We are ONOGANA and let us introduce our new site! 
We are working on the site, its not finished yet… 🙂

Yoram Sivan-producerYoram Sivan-producer(Israeli Didgeridoo & Overtones festival
"Onogana trio is one of the best demonstrations I know of human live organic trance. They are so dynamic and creative that every time I see them on stage I get surprised once again"
Gil Karniel-producerGil Karniel-producer(Sun Beat Festival)
"Onogana creates music that moves worlds and doesn't let you do anything but to devote yourself to the beat and dance Ecstatically. Once in a while you look up to the stage, surprised that this whole tribal rave is created by a trio exploded with talent"
Yuval Korah-producerYuval Korah-producer(Osho Festival)
"Onogana Is a Celebration of Rhythm of Dance, The Crowd fall in love with them in a bit and just go with the flow of their show in Extastatic Dancing that they Never forget"
Shradhaa Daniel Nezer-producerShradhaa Daniel Nezer-producer(ashram in the desert)
"Music which is The Ultimate Connection between the body and the no-mind!"